How to Watch Movies Online with 123Movies?

123Movies is one of the most popular movies streaming websites. Regardless of the legalities of watching movies online, this website has managed to garner a dedicated user base.

Going by the names GoMovies, MeMovies, GoStream, 123movieshub and 123movies, the website operates from Vietnam and allows users to watch their favorite movies free online. It was rated as the most popular illegal website by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

How to Visit 123Movies?

watch movies online

The safest way is to use a VPN. With the help of a VPN, it would be possible to mask the IP address. You can bypass geo-restrictions and access 123Movies content.

VPNs generally have strong encryption that prevents internet service providers and third parties from viewing users’ online activity.

Some VPNs also provide malware and virus protection to keep your system safe when you visit a streaming website with annoying pop-up ads and malware.

However, do not visit 123Movies without VPN protection. It increases the risk of malware infection and may cause several other unwanted problems.

How to Watch 123Movies?

  • Get a high-speed and secure VPN with strong encryption. To stream movies, you would require a VPN with global servers that could bypass geo-restrictions. Find out more about the VPN options.
  • Download 123Movies software or app on your computer/tablet/smartphone. If the website is blocked in your country, choose a VPN server located in some other country with no restrictions.
  • That is all! You can then visit 123Movies and watch all your favorite movies and videos online.
  • Search any TV show or movie you want to watch. Popular shows like Game of Thrones are also available on the website for free streaming.
  • Select the TV show or movie from search result by clicking on the icon and let it load.
  • Now click on the play button, which reveals the video player.
  • You can then click on the video file to play it. Enjoy the movie online in full screen or cinema mode.


How does a VPN help?

Using a VPN improves the security of your PC, smartphone or tablet. It provides powerful encryption that makes it impossible for third parties and hackers to track your online activity.

Even if there were a hidden way, VPN encryption would make it difficult, if not impossible, for third parties to breach and decipher private data.

VPN protects your computer from anyone wanting to sneak into your online activity, personal data, and privacy. It could be some hacker trying to install malware on your cloned streaming website. Alternatively, it could be some internet service provider wanting to determine the websites you are visiting, such as 123Movies.

In addition, by using a trusted VPN, you would have the comfort as well as the confidence to know that your online activity is completely secure and private.

Are there any risks of watching 123Movies?

123Movies website has several cloned versions. The cloned sites might be carrying malware and viruses, which could potentially corrupt any device through malicious links or pop-up ads.

Using a strong antivirus or a firewall is strongly recommended before visiting the website 123Movies.