Tips On How To Gather More Youtube Subscribers And Views

Are you one of those people who have a Youtube channel but has only few subscribers? Do you want to be famous and have a lot of subscribers? Here are some tips that you could use to gain a lot of subscribers.

Create more videos

In order for your Youtube channel to be known, be sure create and upload more videos. Make sure that your videos are clear and of good quality, so as the sounds and the audio. And when you upload, be sure to write clear and meaningful descriptions.

Add your friends and relatives

Never forget to add your friends and relatives who also have a Youtube account. It won’t be hard to convince them to subscribe to your channel since they are closer to you and they know you well. Also, try to look at the channel of the friends of your friends. Watch some of their videos, like it and comment; try to strike a conversation with them and then introduce your channel to them. They might like it and maybe sooner they would become one of your avid subscribers.

Watch, subscribe, like, rate and comment

Look for some channels that might interest you, watch some of its videos and subscribe to them. After watching, never forget to hit like and leave a comment on it. You can also make a video response to that certain video if it seems a good fit. If in case you didn’t like the video, never ever put offensive and hurtful comments, instead write a constructive criticism and suggest some good ideas.

Customize your channel

Make you Youtube channel a more personalized one, make it look more similar to your personality. Youtube actually offers some features which could help you to customize your channel compared to the boring, and default one.

Interact with your subscribers

This is one of the few important tips that you shouldn’t miss. You must make a reply to the comments of your subscribers, especially to those who have queries but avoid giving offensive replies to those people who made bad comments, you could just reply politely or just delete them instead.

Advertise your channel

For sure you also have other social networking sites, never forget to advertise and mention your channel to your other social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other sites that you have.

Buy Youtube views

The most efficient and successful way to gather and increase Youtube views is to buy them. You heard it right! There are systems or program that would help you boost the number of your video views, and who knows, one day your video would go viral.

So, there it is. I hope you’d consider these tips and may you have the best of luck.

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