Tips On How To Gather More Youtube Subscribers And Views

Are you one of those people who have a Youtube channel but has only few subscribers? Do you want to be famous and have a lot of subscribers? Here are some tips that you could use to gain a lot of subscribers.

Create more videos

In order for your Youtube channel to be known, be sure create and upload more videos. Make sure that your videos are clear and of good quality, so as the sounds and the audio. And when you upload, be sure to write clear and meaningful descriptions.

Add your friends and relatives

Never forget to add your friends and relatives who also have a Youtube account. It won’t be hard to convince them to subscribe to your channel since they are closer to you and they know you well. Also, try to look at the channel of the friends of your friends. Watch some of their videos, like it and comment; try to strike a conversation with them and then introduce your channel to them. They might like it and maybe sooner they would become one of your avid subscribers.

Watch, subscribe, like, rate and comment

Look for some channels that might interest you, watch some of its videos and subscribe to them. After watching, never forget to hit like and leave a comment on it. You can also make a video response to that certain video if it seems a good fit. If in case you didn’t like the video, never ever put offensive and hurtful comments, instead write a constructive criticism and suggest some good ideas.

Customize your channel

Make you Youtube channel a more personalized one, make it look more similar to your personality. Youtube actually offers some features which could help you to customize your channel compared to the boring, and default one.

Interact with your subscribers

This is one of the few important tips that you shouldn’t miss. You must make a reply to the comments of your subscribers, especially to those who have queries but avoid giving offensive replies to those people who made bad comments, you could just reply politely or just delete them instead.

Advertise your channel

For sure you also have other social networking sites, never forget to advertise and mention your channel to your other social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other sites that you have.

Buy Youtube views

The most efficient and successful way to gather and increase Youtube views is to buy them. You heard it right! There are systems or program that would help you boost the number of your video views, and who knows, one day your video would go viral.

So, there it is. I hope you’d consider these tips and may you have the best of luck.

How to Watch Movies Online with 123Movies?

123Movies is one of the most popular movies streaming websites. Regardless of the legalities of watching movies online, this website has managed to garner a dedicated user base.

Going by the names GoMovies, MeMovies, GoStream, 123movieshub and 123movies, the website operates from Vietnam and allows users to watch their favorite movies free online. It was rated as the most popular illegal website by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

How to Visit 123Movies?

watch movies online

The safest way is to use a VPN. With the help of a VPN, it would be possible to mask the IP address. You can bypass geo-restrictions and access 123Movies content.

VPNs generally have strong encryption that prevents internet service providers and third parties from viewing users’ online activity.

Some VPNs also provide malware and virus protection to keep your system safe when you visit a streaming website with annoying pop-up ads and malware.

However, do not visit 123Movies without VPN protection. It increases the risk of malware infection and may cause several other unwanted problems.

How to Watch 123Movies?

  • Get a high-speed and secure VPN with strong encryption. To stream movies, you would require a VPN with global servers that could bypass geo-restrictions. Find out more about the VPN options.
  • Download 123Movies software or app on your computer/tablet/smartphone. If the website is blocked in your country, choose a VPN server located in some other country with no restrictions.
  • That is all! You can then visit 123Movies and watch all your favorite movies and videos online.
  • Search any TV show or movie you want to watch. Popular shows like Game of Thrones are also available on the website for free streaming.
  • Select the TV show or movie from search result by clicking on the icon and let it load.
  • Now click on the play button, which reveals the video player.
  • You can then click on the video file to play it. Enjoy the movie online in full screen or cinema mode.


How does a VPN help?

Using a VPN improves the security of your PC, smartphone or tablet. It provides powerful encryption that makes it impossible for third parties and hackers to track your online activity.

Even if there were a hidden way, VPN encryption would make it difficult, if not impossible, for third parties to breach and decipher private data.

VPN protects your computer from anyone wanting to sneak into your online activity, personal data, and privacy. It could be some hacker trying to install malware on your cloned streaming website. Alternatively, it could be some internet service provider wanting to determine the websites you are visiting, such as 123Movies.

In addition, by using a trusted VPN, you would have the comfort as well as the confidence to know that your online activity is completely secure and private.

Are there any risks of watching 123Movies?

123Movies website has several cloned versions. The cloned sites might be carrying malware and viruses, which could potentially corrupt any device through malicious links or pop-up ads.

Using a strong antivirus or a firewall is strongly recommended before visiting the website 123Movies.


A Meditation On Early Technological Development

Ah technology, how much I love you and how tight you remain in my grasp. You’ve changed our world with the telephone, and the TV, and don’t forget the all-important computer! But wait…the wheel is also technology? That’s right! We seem to get so caught up in the technology of the present and future that we forget about the distant past. The wheel or rope or house, all pieces of technology that are severely overlooked. Let’s analyse the history and creation of some basic technological advancements.

The Rope:


Rope consists of a group of strands which are twisted or braided in a way that will make them stronger. They have huge importance in supporting the weight of other objects; this ability is known as tensile strength. There is evidence to suggest that rope-making took place in Europe as far back as 28,000 years ago. This is reinforced through a discovery in which cordage remains on fired clay was found, suggesting it was used to make early forms of rope. Also found were fossilised fragments of what is believed to be two-ply laid rope in a cave at Lascaux. The latter dates back to 15,000 BC.

During prehistoric times ropes were used for a variety of different tasks such as: hunting, attaching, carrying, lifting, pulling and climbing. As you’d imagine, this was an integral component for everyday life.

The ancient Egyptians were the first to document the special tools used for rope-making. This rope was made using water reed fibres and used during 4000—3000 BC.

An inconceivably old technology it is, and one that is still in constant use today. It’s amazing to think that while phones become obsolete year after year as their replaced by newer models, ancient inventions like rope remain an important part of industry.

In modern times rope is still continually used for jobs such as catching fish and lifting large, heavy objects. The rope has managed to see through the test of time.

The Wheel:


A very well-known invention of prehistoric times, the wheel is perhaps one of the best inventions of its time. Wait, no, it IS the best invention of its time. The wheel was initially made from a solid piece of wood, and as you’d expect it revolutionised transportation. It opened the door to many possibilities: no longer would people have to carry goods by hand, and the idea of travel was now fresh in everyone’s mind.

The wheel, while seeming simple, is a marvellous piece of technology. A wheel causes the least amount of friction by allowing motion by rolling together with the use of axles. I mean where would we be without wheels? Having to trek 10 miles to get to work, that’s where.

The wheel is seen as one of the technological advancements that gave rise to the Bronze Age. It’s original creation took place sometime in the 2nd half of the 4th millennium BC, yet it’s unknown exactly which culture introduced it. It is believed that the wheel was produced at a similar time period by the Mesopotamians, those in Central Europe and those in Northern Caucasus.

Nowadays the wheel is, ummm, practically everywhere. Every land vehicle depends heavily on wheels, and without the inception of this idea life would never be the same.


While people always glare in awe at their latest smartphones maybe they should take the time to appreciate the little things in life. After all, where would we be without them?