Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn This Year

When we understand the value of computer programming languages then the first thought that comes to our mind is  “I should also learn programming”. As a beginner,  it becomes difficult to find the best programming languages to learn. There are tons of programming languages available in the world but we can not learn every language, right? So it’s important to find the best language to learn. I will discuss five best programming languages to learn in 2017.


You may not believe me but the best programming language to learn in 2017  is JavaScript. If you are a beginner and have no knowledge about IT field then you may not agree with me. But the persons who are in touch with IT field can understand it. Now let us discuss the benefits of JavaScript.


a. Easy syntax and easy to learn as first programming language.

b. We can develop a full website by only using JavaScript. Yes, you read it right my dear. This is the only programming language which can be used to develop a full website. We can use it for front-end development and as well as for back-end side. For back-end, we can use node.js. Node.js also comes from  JavaScript. Every language which has extension .js relates to javascript.

c. We can develop android apps also by using JavaScript. Now you might have heard that for Android development we have to learn java. But this is not true. This is correct that Java was the official language for android development( up to April 2017). But JavaScript can also be used for Android development. For that, we have React native framework. React native is developed by facebook.

d. The fourth benefit is not only android development but React native can also be used for cross platform development. That means you can use JavaScript for iOS development also.

e. Resources to learn are easily available on the internet.

2. Python

The second best programming language to learn is Python. This is the easiest programming language ever. Check out any survey you will find python in top 5 programming languages. Once you start learning python, you will love it. Its syntax is too easy to learn. There is aphorism in Python that explicit is better than implicit. In other programming languages, we have different ways to make the same program. But in Python, there is the only way and that’s the thing that makes it an easy language. Here are some other benefits of python.


a. Easy to learn

b. Can be used to automate computer tasks.

c. Python is promoted by Google so it’s safe to learn python.

d. Can be used in machine learning.

e. Can be used to make tools. Hackers also love Python because they use it to make different hacking tools.

f. It reduces our work because work is proportional to the number of lines. In Python, you can write a program in few lines.

g.  Python can be used as procedural oriented programming as well as object oriented programming.


3. Java

The third best programming language among hundreds of programming languages is Java. The first major benefit of Java is that it is evergreen computer language. If you have knowledge of java then you can learn any computer language in the world. Java is a vast language. You can use java for building a desktop application, server application, cloud applications, web applications, mobile applications. Now you can imagine the power of Java, you have to learn different libraries for different applications. For example for Android development there is a different library and for a web application, there is a different library. You can not learn java in a month because it’s syllabus is too vast. Here are some benefits of Java


a. Evergreen language.

b. There is much demand of Java in IT industries.

c. Many giant websites are made in java. For example, Linkedin,, meetup are made in java.

d. Many people love this language so you will get the solution of almost every problem from the internet.

e. A single language can be used for various applications.

4. PHP

The next programming language is PHP. This language is also easy to learn but it is only limited to web applications. According to a survey, 82% of total websites in the world use PHP. WordPress is most popular cms and the best thing about it is WordPress is also made up of PHP. If you learn PHP, you customise your site in WordPress. You will find a lot of PHP developers and therefore competition is more in this programming language. Job opportunities are much.


5. Kotlin

My next choice is Kotlin. In google io 2017, Google announced Kotlin as the official language for Android development. A month back we had only java for android development but some developers were using Kotlin also. So Google decided to make Kotlin as an official language. Kotlin works under Java. You can convert java into kotlin and kotlin into java as well. You can also use java functions in kotlin file/class. Now you might be thinking what is need of kotlin if we have java? Here is the important point that kotlin reduces our work. It reduces the number of lines. Kotlin so simple and if you are beginner then you can directly learn kotlin. Kotlin is developed by jetbrains. The major benefit of kotlin is that it is the latest programming language and therefore no company can expect an experienced person in kotlin. It is great opportunity to learn kotlin right now.